brad-t asked: Is it actually? I'm not asking this to be contentious. I just can't imagine a world where the situation I described would exist and we'd see so many people – including generally progressive people, and whatever hypothetical equivalent of "Mexican culture otakus"would be – coming to its defense to talk about how it's like, totally not racist! (Obviously, people who dress up as a Mexican party-man for Hallowe'en are a different story.)

there isn’t a fetishized worship of mexican culture in the same way there is of perceived japanese culture; it’s just treated as a joke outright. fiesta parties, broken spanish, sombrero/moustache jokes are just some of the more tame forms it takes and i see these constantly from people who are supposedly interested social progress. 

Anonymous asked: I would love to hear your thoughts on Avril Lavigne's latest music video (I believe the song is called hello kitty)


If Avril was wearing a sombrero, stuffing her face with tacos, shooting tequila in seedy bars, and speaking broken Spanish whilst hanging out with four identical, despondent Mexican girls, we probably wouldn’t be debating whether or not it was racist.

mexican culture is constantly treated like a joke/costume by well meaning liberal white people what are you talking aboooouut



watch this #important


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Did tumblr delete my first comment to post the second I stg

HAHA don’t worry i still saw it, and YES i would be up for more hot vintage yows always

smilefortyeight replied to your post: it’s a surreal feeling knowing you hav…

???? I thought it wasn’t for a month?

20 DAYS 


it’s a surreal feeling knowing you have an impending surgery and you’re thinking about it constantly but no one else acknowledges that it’s happening so soon. obv because it’s not happening to them they don’t have to think about it but it IS happening to me so how can i not think about it.

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all i could think of when i saw the new sanrio character…



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